Lookout on Cragmor Frequently Asked Questions

Is parking available?

​Yes, parking on the surface lot is offered for an additional monthly fee. Residents must have a parking decal. Bike racks are also available on the exterior of the building.

What is included in the rental installment?

​Your rental installment includes furniture, pest control, and trash. Any other fees such as parking or pet fees will be a separate charge.​

What is the advantage of an individual lease?

​With an individual lease, also called by the bedroom lease, you are responsible for your own monthly rent and the regular upkeep of your part of the apartment. Unlike conventional joint leases, you are not responsible for any delinquent amounts owed by your roommates. This means if a roommate moves out early or misses a payment, all other residents are not responsible for making up the difference.

What is a rental installment?

The rental installment is your monthly payment for rent. We do not prorate rent, rather you are charged a total rent amount for the lease term divided into equal installments. Rent is due on the 1st of each month.

What about utilities?

​Your utilities, electricity and water/sewer, will be set up and ready to go the day you move in. Each apartment will be metered for you actual usage and we'll divide the bills up for each roommate.

How can I make a payment?

​We accept checks, cashier's check, and money orders in our leasing office made payable to The Lookout on Cragmor. All payments received in the leasing office will be electronically processed. For your convenience, we will also offer an online payment option. We are unable to accept cash.

Do you have a roommate matching service?

Yes, we do. Part of the application packet is a Roommate Matching Form that you will be required to complete. This form will ask you questions about your social habits, study habits, and pet preferences to help us match you with residents that indicate similar preferences. Please be honest on your Roommate Matching Form.

Will I need a guarantor to lease an apartment?

​Unless your income is greater than 3 times the rental installment or can qualify through our Leap Program, you will need a guarantor. A guarantor must meet the income requirements and credit qualifications. The guarantor is financially responsible and liable for the terms of the lease and rental installments.

Can I request specific roommates or units?

​Yes, you can list your preferred roommates on the Roommate Matching Form with your application. All roommates must list each other for us to confirm that all requests are mutual. You can list your floorplan preference on your application and we will do our best to place you in a floor plan that meets your requests. All requests are taken in order by the date your lease was signed and are based on availability.

How are maintenance requests handled?

​We have an on-site maintenance team during office hours. Maintenance requests can be entered online on our resident portal 24 hours a day and requests can also be made during business hours over the phone or in person. For after-hours, non-life threatening emergencies (such as no heat, no water, refrigerator not working) the maintenance team is on call 24/7.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, we allow up to two pets per apartment so bring your furry friends! We have tons of outdoor space for your pet to enjoy!

How far away is the property from University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus?

​The Lookout is only a 5-minute walk to Cragmor Hall, enjoy the beautiful scenery as you stroll, skateboard, or bike ride to class.

Do you offer any mental health resources for students?

Student Quarters is proud to be an initial member of the College Student Mental Wellness Advocacy Coalition. In partnership with the Hi, How Are you Project, the coalition recently conducted a College Student Mental Wellness Survey to better understand the student experience. With accurate and actionable data in hand, the Hi, How Are You Project and Coalition members will co-create industry wide training programs, connect residents to campus resources for mental health and wellness, and promote ways to manage stress and anxiety in college. If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out. You can find the University of Colorado (Colorado Springs) resources here.